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General Business
Every business is concerned with cost effective technology that really delivers efficiency, flexibility and reliability.  SouthTel works with small and mid-sized companies to review the available technologies and to design solutions that really fit  their needs.  We don’t over sell and we don’t sell you technology that will be obsolete in a few years.  We only design solutions that deliver cost savings and technology that helps a company achieve their goals.  SouthTel has worked with many businesses to implement a wide variety of technologies, including:

  • IP Telephony – Voice, Data, Video, & Web
  • Call Recording, Monitoring & Management
  • Voice & Data Integration - CTI
  • CRM & Unified Messaging
  • Alarm & Security Systems
  • Video Systems
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Mobility – PDA’s & Softphones
  • Remote Worker Solutions
  • Smart Building Technology & Services

Educational organizations are implementing new technologies to create innovation for students and faculty and to create cost savings, efficiency and privacy for their facilities.  SouthTel offers many exciting innovative technologies for the education market, which are affordable and can usually be covered by government funding sources.  SouthTel has implemented many new educational innovations, including:

  • Wireless Campus
  • Online Registration
  • Online Student Records
  • Campus Telephony & Data networks
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Teacher Websites
  • Online Grading
  • School Websites
  • Wireless Attendance Verification & Parent Notification

Case Studies:
image Georgia Bank & Trust

Financial Services
Financial Services companies are facing challenges from mergers and acquisitions, globalization, and increasing regulations on privacy and security. The demands for more flexible and responsive customer service options, transparent and efficient communications and new regulations to safeguard business and customer data have created enormous challenges. These challenges are forcing institutions to seek solutions that are complex, multi-vendor and innovative.  That much technology is hard to design and even more difficult to manage.  Many financial institutions have turned to SouthTel to assist them with the design, implementation, management and maintenance of their entire network technology.  SouthTel has helped these financial institutions to implement these technologies:

  • Multi-Location Dial Plans & Routing Schemes
  • Security & Alarm Systems
  • Call Recording & Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Voice & Data Integration
  • CRM & Unified Messaging
  • PDA’s For Bank Officers & Loan Officers

Case Studies:
image Floyd Medical

Healthcare facilities are facing challenges from increased privacy and security regulations and government mandates, as well as the increase in competition among healthcare institutions.  This leads to the need to keep their infrastructure efficient and cost effective, as well as secure.  SouthTel offers design and consulting services to the healthcare industry and has implemented many world class solutions for healthcare facilities in the southeast.  The innovation available today with converged applications makes the case for transitioning to newer technologies.  SouthTel has implemented some of the newest technologies available to healthcare including:

  • PDA’s for Doctors & Nurses
  • Mobililty Software for Patient Record Updates
  • Video Survelliance for Security
  • Wireless Buildings
  • Wireless Badge System for Nurses
  • Wireless Conference Room Stations

Case Studies:
image FAUS Group

Manufacturing facilities face new challenges in technology requirements and security, including building safety, RF technologies, mobility, wireless, data networking, cabling and many others.  SouthTel has worked with many manufacturer’s to create complete building technology strategies that include voice, data, video, web, security, alarms and wireless networks.  For our clients, we become the IT consultant, and in some cases, we have become the IT department.  They focus on manufacturing, we focus on the technology.  SouthTel has implemented many manufacturing technologies, including:

  • Smart Building Technology
  • Wireless Buildings
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Voice & Data Integration
  • RF Scanning Technology
  • Alarm Systems
  • PDA and Wireless Phone Technologies

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