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Convergence applications that ride on the IP Network are cost effective and can significantly increase productivity and are now very affordable. Applications such as IVR, Speech Technologies, Self-Service Technologies and many others, are streamlining operations for many companies, providing better service and better profits. SouthTel has the experience and the expertise to design, implement and maintain convergence applications that can enhance the way a company does business.

Call Management, CTI, IVR, CRM Integration
The devices that enable your employees, customers and partners to contact each other can differentiate your business in many ways. SouthTel offers the newest technologies in call accounting and call management that can simplify operations and increase agent productivity, and significantly affect the bottom line for many companies.

Multi-Media Call Center Solutions
Call centers and contact center technology is advancing at a rapid rate – so rapid it’s hard to keep up with. SouthTel has a team of multi-media contact center specialists that are fully certified and have the expertise to design and deliver the most up-to-date technologies. Including speech, self-service, web chat, unified messaging, unified queuing, IVR applications and predictive dialing functionality. We spend many hours reviewing and learning the applications and our customers benefit from our expertise.

Conferencing & Video Conferencing
Voice and video conferencing options, including web-based conferencing, are enhancing communications between offices, between employees and between companies and their customers. The pricing of carrier-based conferencing bridges and web-based conferencing such as Webex, can be significantly reduced, by using new, affordable in-house systems. SouthTel designs conferencing solutions that fit a company’s communication needs, and can save them money, too.

Web Integration
Integrating your web applications into your call center can help you to manage all of your customer interactions into one functional ‘contact’ center. Calls, Emails and web chat are all managed in the same call management tool. SouthTel offers the latest innovations in voice, data, video and web integration for our clients, making them more efficient for their customers and employees.

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