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SouthTel offers a wide range of messaging solutions that are integrated and based on industry standards, enabling simple implementations and training for employees.  From Automated Attendant software, to multi-location unified voice mail to unified voice, fax, Email messaging, SouthTel  has the design expertise to deliver a messaging solution that fits the needs of any organization. 

Unified Messaging
SouthTel offers the latest innovations in unified messaging, allowing employees to get their voicemail, Email, faxes and other messages, all in one place.  And, they can access the messages from any device - from a phone, a computer, a PDA or a smartphone, employees have access to their information anywhere, anytime.

Auto-Attendant & Voice Mail
SouthTel has the expertise to design a messaging system that fits your needs, with auto-attendant, lowest cost routing schemes and voice messaging, reducing the number of people who are passing calls on.  Customers can get to the right person at the right time, without inconvenience and frustration. 

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