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Voice and data networks need protection, especially as they are coming together over the IP Telephony network.  SouthTel  specializes in security solutions that protects your total infrastructure.  Security solutions and alarm systems that protect your buildings and your valuable data are critical to the long term success of any business.  SouthTel has the security expertise to design and manage all of your security requirements.

Smart Building Security
SouthTel designs complete building security systems for companies that want to ensure a high level of security for their facilities and their information.  This includes alarms, video surveillance, finger print technology and network security.

Network Security
New IP networks create the need for data and voice security, including firewalls, intrusion detection, fraud prevention, etc.  SouthTel has a full array of network security solutions to protect your systems and your data.

Alarm Systems
SouthTel provides building alarm systems, to protect your employees, infrastructure and inventory.  SouthTel provides the expertise to design and manage building security, as well as providing periodic independent tests of your security, for audit purposes.

Video Surveillance
Many companies and organizations will be required to do video surveillance of their facilities to protect their environment and to provide assistance to authorities when needed.  SouthTel offers the support a client needs to implement a secure environment that is reliable and manageable.

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